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Erna de Bie (Groningen, 1974) is one of four siblings in a family of artists and graduated at the Minerva Art Academie in 2002.

Erna designs furniture & accessories. The shapes used in these products originate from her art-objects she named Kubieks.


The Kubiek

Kubiek is the generic name of these three dimensional objects. It’s simpelest form is the plane, which is modified. The Kubiek evolves out of it’s own details, growing litterally in and out of itself.

Kubieks are a material translation of an abstract world, built out of an explicit arrangement of components. The so created surrounding is an illusion. An enviroment where everything can be explained, a ‘law of nature’ as universe.

The Kubiek has no other signification than it’s appearance.

    The Kubiek is a search for insight
    The interpretation of our reality, the heart of our existence
    The Kubiek is the triumph of the plane that attempts to uncover the mystery and to free it
    No onvolding but revealing
    Modest and harmless but invunerable and strong
    It’s the mastered emotion

Exhibitions of Erna’s work have so far taken place in different cities of The Netherlands (as Amsterdam and Eindhoven) Barcelona, Japan and Antwerp to much acclaim.